Solution for Energy


Geothermal Guralp provides a range of solutions for monitoring both natural and enhanced geothermal systems. We deliver baseline seismicity surveys before, during and after operations. We also provide induced seismicity monitoring systems with real-time data processing and simple traffic light displays for operational feedback.


Coal Mining

Guralp provides solutions for a range of coal related applications including exploration and production for both underground and open cast mines.


Hydroelectric Energy

Guralp solutions are widely used in hydroelectric power generation applications for monitoring dams and their surrounding area.


Nuclear Power Generation

Guralp provides monitoring solutions for nuclear power generation plants. Our systems are used for seismic hazard management through monitoring local and regional earthquakes. Our systems are also used for monitoring the structural integrity of critical infrastructure within the plant.


Wind Power Generation

Guralp provides monitoring solutions for wind turbines and farms. Our systems are used for measuring seismicity and ground vibrations induced by turbine operation. We also provide structural health monitoring systems to characterise the seismic excitation from the ground and the structural response of the turbines.


Coal Fired Powerstation – Cockenzie – Case Study

Cockenzie Power Station, in East Lothian, Scotland closed down on 15th March 2013 after 45 years of power generation. The station opted out of the Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD) in January 2008 and as a consequence was required to close by December 2015 or after it had operated for 20,000 hours. These hours have now expired.