Linear & Rotary Shock Test System

GHI Systems offers Linear, Rotary Shock Machines for product testing, with objective to improve the products by making them safer, more reliable and cost-effective. The Linear, Rotary Shock Machines can generate shock pulses of desired amplitude and pulse duration with Modular Elastomer Programmers (MEPs).

As a whole turnkey system, we provide Shock Measurement System from PROSIG to measure, record and analyze the shock pulses.

The system overview of the Linear and Rotary Shock Test System is shown below.

Featured Products

GHI Systems Shock Testing Machines

LSM-100 Linear Shock Machine

GHI’s LSM-100 produces very repeatable short-duration, high ‘g’ amplitude shocks to meet a wide range of testing needs for new-technology small test items such as Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Communication Devices, Medical Devices, Automotive Components, Sensors, Circuit Assemblies and MEMS.

  • True horizontal motion
  • Test item weight: 3.3 kg
  • Velocity Change Limits: Maximum 635 cm/sec, to minimum 63.5cm/sec
  • Programmable Haversines shock pulse shapes using Modular Elastomer Programmers, sheet felt, and other materials including sheets of paper.
  • Pulse duration: 0.1 ms < t < 30 ms
  • User adjustable peak amplitudes using calibrated table release position scale.

DetailVideo of LSM-100 here

RSM-3 Rotary Shock Machine

GHI’s RSM-3 is the industry standard for shock testing HDD’s. The RSM-3 produces short-duration, high amplitude rotary shock for testing hard disk drives. The RSM-3 is unique in it’s ability to impart true rotary shock that is highly repeatable, measurable, and starts with zero initial velocity, preventing velocity offsets, which cause inaccurate test results.

  • 0 Velocity before shock – eliminates inertia effects.
  • Compact design allows use of imaging sensors.
  • Bidirectional operation, with quick change components.
  • Unsurpassed for latch testing, any format size.
  • Programmable Haversines shock pulse shapes using MEP programmers in various durometers.
  • Test item weight (maximum): 6 kg
  • Interchangeable high amplitude table option.
  • Standard table up to 100 kRad/sec²
  • Optional High Output Table Up to 500 kRad/sec²
  • Conforms to ‘Dell’ requirements.

DetailVideo of RSM-3 here

ESSM Environmental Shock Simulation Machine For Drop Testing

  • Simulates environmental handling threats small handheld products must survive.
  • Allows user to drop the test product onto a surface of desired material from a selected free-fall height with selected impact orientation.
  • Produces identical shock dynamics within the product as those in the environment.

DetailVideo of ESSM here

Shock Measurement System

3 may 2018


Prosig 4-Channel, Pocket-Sized, USB-Powered, 24-bit Data Acquisition Hardware

  • No. of input channels: 4 analogue (IEPE or Voltage) inputs
  • Maximum sampling rate: 100k samples/sec per channel (24 bit)
  • PC communication interface: USB
  • Ultra Portable (Pocket Sized)
  • Low Power (USB Powered)



Multi-channel, standalone, 24-bit Data Acquisition System

  • No. of input channels: Up to 32 analogue inputs (plus tachos)
  • Maximum sampling rate: 400k samples/sec per channel
  • Resolution: 24 bit
  • Communications: Ethernet (Gigabit), USB, Wifi
  • Multi Rate Sampling: Multiple sampling rates can run concurrently on separate cards
  • Can be powered from mains, vehicle or its internal battery power


DATS Software

Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

DATS is a comprehensive package of data acquisition, signal processing and reporting tools. It has post-processing analysis of shock pulses such as peak amplitude with radial units, duration, velocity change, double integral of acceleration plots, Shock Spectral Analysis and reports.