Vehicle Health Monitoring

Solution for Vehicle Health Monitoring

Fixed-Wing Wireless Health Monitoring

Instant, comprehensive reporting of aircraft health, from nose to rudder

Heavy Vehicle Condition-Based Maintenance

Scalable solutions to track component use and vehicle health.

Tracked Vehicle Health Monitoring Sensors

Off-road vehicles such as bulldozers, excavators, and cranes are subject to especially vulnerable to wear and misalignment. LORD MicroStrain® Sensing Systems provides embedded wireless solutions for monitoring track wear, structural loads, weld fatigue…

Safer and Smarter Mining Machines

Equipment health monitoring and analysis enables predictive maintenance, reduces downtime, and reveals design improvement opportunities. Remote sensing and data collection saves labor, time, and improves safety.

Machine Monitoring Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry

Reducing unplanned downtime in the oil and gas industry: use of the SensorCloud™ platform allows operators to characterize machine fatigue, perform predictive analysis, improve system design, and setup monitoring of real-time operating conditions.

Understanding Brake Squeal – Case Study

The customer measures noise, vibration, pressures & temperatures using a Prosig P8020 during road tests. Brake squeal events are automatically captured and analysed using the DATS software.


Whole Vehicle Testing – Case Study

Prosig was chosen by a major US automobile manufacturer to develop an end-of-production-line testing tool to ensure that noise & vibration levels were within design limits.

Measuring Transmission Error – Case Study

Transmission Error, also called Torsional Vibration, is the study of the rotational speed of a rotating object. A shaft will not normally rotate in a smooth motion, but will actually accelerate and decelerate as it moves around its cycle. The study of this phenomena is Torsional Vibration.

Batteries Included – Case Study

The growth of electric vehicles has led to a race to understand and improve battery technology. A leading automotive research organisation chose Prosig to provide the system to assist them in developing the next generation of vehicle batteries.

Remote Monitoring – Case Study

Have you ever wondered if there is a vibration condition monitoring system that can be installed anywhere and then monitored from anywhere else? Even on your smartphone?

Steering Pump Noise – Case Study

One of the most problematic noises to reduce to an acceptable level in a vehicle is that of the power steering pump. New technologies and techniques are being developed to speed-up and ease the refining process.

Controllability / Stability

Evaluation of maneuvering stability and ride quality

Universal Recorder EDX-200A can measure all sensors for maneuvering stability.
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Stress evaluation of auto components and the strength testing of automotive bodies

Medium Speed Network Terminal Box NTB-500 Series is a small lightweight digital bridge box. Using a single cable, this unit is most appropriate for distributed semi-dynamic repeating testing and other tests.
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General Vehicles

Strain measurements during lifted transport

Memory Recorder/Analyzer EDX-5000A useful for measurements as multichannel strain measurements during the lifted transport of automobiles. The units can independently perform analytic tasks and image processing.
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Measuring Axial Tension of Bolts around Automotive Engines

Encapsulated Strain Gages
  • Can measure stress on exhaust manifolds at high temperature
  • Usable up to 950°C
  • Hermetically sealed structure and waterproof
  • Weld on exhaust manifolds firmly
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