Noise/Vibration Measurement & Data Analysis System

PROSIG offers a complete range of Noise & Vibration Measurement Systems which are compact, rugged & accurate. The tough casing and low power requirements makes them ideal for mobile, in-vehicle or laboratory data acquisition. Units can be stacked to expand the system up to 1024 channels at speeds up to 400k samples/second/channel. The measurement system supports a range of transducer input options that include…

  • accelerometers
  • microphones
  • strain gauges
  • IEPE (ICP®) devices
  • tachometers
  • digital signals
  • digital outputs
  • pressure sensors
  • load cells
  • thermocouples
  • GPS
  • CAN-Bus

PROSIG also offers portable, rugged and accurate measurement systems for condition monitoring of rotating machinery.

Featured Products

Noise & Vibration Measurement System

PROSIG DATS range data acquisition system can interface with microphones and vibration sensors (accelerometers, velocity sensors, etc..) for sound and vibration measurements.

The DATS-solo is a 4-channel, pocket-sized, ultra portable, high quality, 24-bit data acquisition system. The DATS-hyper12 offers high 24-bits resolution, high sampling frequency up to 400k samples/sec/channels and able to stacked up to 1024 channels. DATS-tetrad can be operated standalone, and also be connected to a laptop/PC for real time monitoring and data capture via any of the communication interfaces (WiFi, Ethernet or USB). The DATS.Toolbox software provides basic to advanced sound & vibration analysis functions.


3 may 2018


4-Channel, Pocket-Sized, USB-Powered,

24-bit Data Acquisition Hardware

  • No. of input channels: 4 analogue (IEPE or Voltage) inputs
  • Maximum sampling rate: 100k samples/sec per channel (24 bit)
  • PC communication interface: USB
  • Ultra Portable (Pocket Sized)
  • Low Power (USB Powered)

DATS-easy measurement is a cost-effective hardware and software solution for data capture and analysis. DATS-easy measurement comprises a DATS-solo 4-channel, 24-bit data acquisition system and DATS-EM software.

Detail on DATS-SoloDetail on DATS-EM


Multi-channel, standalone, 24-bit Data Acquisition System

  • No. of input channels: Up to 32 analogue inputs (plus tachos)
  • Maximum sampling rate: Up to 400k samples/sec/channel
  • Resolution: 24 bit
  • Communications: Ethernet (Gigabit), USB, Wifi
  • Multi Rate Sampling: Multiple sampling rates can run concurrently on separate cards
  • Can be powered from mains, vehicle or its internal battery power



High channel-count 24-bit Data Acquisition System (Maximum 1024-Channels)

  • No. of input channels: 1024 analogue (AC, DC, IEPE, Bridge or Thermocouple) inputs, plus tacho inputs
  • Maximum sampling rate: Up to 400k samples/sec per channel
  • PC communication interface: USB 2.0


DATS Input/Output Cards

The DATS-tetrad & DATS-hyper12 can be configured with a number of input/output cards. The number of cards depends on which chassis is chosen. The DATS-tetrad holds up to 4 cards and the DATS-hyper12 can take up to 12 cards.



Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

The DATS Toolbox is a comprehensive package of data acquisition and signal processing tools. It is used mainly for sound and vibration measurement and analysis as listed below, but can be used with a wide range of engineering data. Advanced

  • Noise and Vibration Analysis
  • NVH Analysis
  • Acoustics Analysis
  • Human Vibration Response to Vibration
  • Audio Replay
  • Noise Path Analysis


Condition Monitoring System for Rotating Machinery

PROTOR-Mobile is the ideal, investigative tool for mobile condition monitoring of rotating machinery. It is a portable unit, rugged enough to withstand typical Power Station environmental challenges. PROTOR-Mobile is available either as a highly portable 16-channel unit or a larger 32-channel unit. The 16-channel version provides stand-alone monitoring and storage for 16 channels and 2 tachometer or phase reference signals. The 32-channel unit supports up-to 4 phase reference signals. For total flexibility up-to four 32-channels units may be daisy-chained together to give a total of 128 channels of monitoring with up-to 16 phase reference signals.

Objectives of Condition Monitoring System:

  • Improved overall efficiency by increasing machine uptime.
  • Improved safety by decreasing the risk of machine failure.
  • Improved machine health information allows predictive maintenance, avoiding and limiting machine damage.
  • Improved data availability bringing data to your desktop either locally or remotely.
  • Reduced capital costs by extending machine service life.
  • Reduced machine servicing costs by only repairing or replacing those parts that are damaged or worn out.
  • Reduced machine repair costs by recognizing problems before they cause serious damage.
  • Reduced machine downtime by allowing machines to be maintained while in service.
  • Reduced risk of unplanned shutdowns by allowing scheduled maintenance to coincide with production requirements.


Mobile Condition Monitoring

  • No of input channels: Up to 16 channels per chassis. Multiple chassis may be configured for expansion.
  • Resolution: 16-bits
  • Maximum sample rate: 20K samples/second per channel
  • Compatible sensors: IEPE sensors, Tacho sensors, voltage-output sensors


PROTOR Software

PROTOR provides important machinery condition information such as:

  • Bearing performance analysis
  • Examination of critical modes
  • Data comparison at known speeds
  • More reliable trends
  • Ability to set up more accurate limits
  • Examination of blade frequencies
  • FFT processing of run-up/rundowns
  • Historical data storage
  • Better control of machine start-up
  • Statistical reports on historical data