Impulse Hammer

An alternative method available to excite a structure without the complication and expense of a shaker system, involves striking it with a calibrated dynamic impulse hammer. A force sensor mounted in the head of the hammer transforms the input force pulse into an analogous waveform that contains the necessary amplitude and phase information to completely describe the forcing function. Impact tip material stiffness helps determine the frequency content of the input forcing function by controlling the impact pulse duration.

By defining the frequency and amplitude of the forcing function, impulse hammers present a fast, simple way to excite structures in a well defined fashion. Spectrum analyzers in conjunction with hammer systems (with accelerometers) can instantaneously plot transfer functions greatly simplifying testing and saving valuable man hours.

Featured Products

BSWA IH-02 Impact Hammer


  • Integrated ICCP Force Sensor
  • Supplied with Variety Head


  • Structural Damping Testing
  • Resonance Testing
  • Modal Analysis


4 May 2018

PROSIG Hammer Impact Test System (HITS)

Advantages of PROSIG Hammer Impact Test System: Straightforward to use, Fast, Reliable and Accurate.

The complex mathematics of windowing, transfer function type, frequency range is all taken care of. What’s more, the automated peak picking algorithm will find the modes automatically for you.

Need to export test results to Word or Excel for FEA validation? No problem. It’s all included.

3 may 2018

Features of PROSIG Data Acquisition System:

  • 24-bit
  • 4 analogue input channels
  • Up to 100k samples/sec per channel
  • Dynamic range: 100dB
  • Noise floor: -130dB

4 May 2018

Features of PROSIG DATS Hammer Software:

  • Frequency Response Functions
  • Double Impact Detection
  • Accept/Reject by User
  • Automatic Averaging
  • Report Generation
  • Word/Excel Export