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Inertial GNSS/INS


Tactical Grade Dual Antenna, Multi-Band, RTK, Industrial Package. USB & RS232 communication interface.

Sensor Outputs:

  • 3-axis Acceleration (±8g range)
  • 3-axis Angular rate (300°/sec range)
  • Dual GNSS antenna heading with 0.2° heading accuracy that is immune to magnetic disturbances
  • Tactical grade IMU with <2°/hr bias instability provides exceptional position accuracy during GNSS outages


Wireless Strain and Stress Measurement

KYOWA Digital Telemeter, MRS-100 Series

Easy wireless strain and stress measurement

  • Easy operation without PC after initial setting
  • Quarter-bridge 2-wire system, 3-wire system, and full-bridge system support
  • Radio Communication Frequency Band: 2.4GHz Band
  • Up to 64 channels in a system
  • Hours of continuous use: Max. 34 hours*

    *When using 1-ch strain transmitter with two AAA-size cell, LR03EJ.


Expandable Multi-channel Data Acquisition System

BSWA Expandable Multi-channel Data Acquisition System, XCQ108

No. of Card Slots: 8 slots (Up to 8 analog data acquisition or output cards in single chassis, and can realize up to 64 channels)

Chassis Input and Output PFI Interfaces: Maximum input/output frequency: 1 MHz. Interface: BNC Input high threshold: >2.3 V, Input low threshold: <0.8 V, Maximum input voltage: ±20 Vpk, Output high voltage: >3.4 V, output low voltage: <0.8 V, Maximum output current: ±8 mA

USB Interface: USB-Type B, USB 2.0 High-Speed compliant

Power Requirement: External DC power supply 9 V~30 V (15 W Max.)

XCQ108 supports the following analog data acquisition or output cards from BSWA:

  • XDQ004: 4 channel ICCP inputs; maximum input voltage of ±5 Vpk;
  • XDQ008: 8 channel ICCP inputs; maximum input voltage of ±5 Vpk;
  • XDA004: 4 channel analog outputs; maximum output voltage of ±10 Vpk; maximum output current of ±1 mA per channel


Self-temperature-compensation Semiconductor Gages

KYOWA Self-temperature-compensation Semiconductor Gages, KSNB Series

  • The KSNB series gages use an N-type silicon as the resistive element to control the resistance temperature coefficient of the material according to the linear expansion coefficient of the measuring object.
  • Temperature Coefficient of Gage Factor: Approx. -0.3%/℃ (Reference value)