Test, Measurement & Calibration Overview

We have a full range of Linear and Rotary Vibration & Shock Exciter system for providing controlled, simulated shock & vibration levels and frequencies testing of products and structures.

We also have a wide range of Data Acquisition and Recording system products and solutions for digitizing sensors’ analogue output signal during testing/measurement and recording it as data files to memory storage disks. Data Analysis software is used to process and analyze the measurement data to obtain essential test parameters information and achieve objectives of testing.

In addition, Final Electrical Calibration Bench is available, for electrical calibration of signal analyzer, measurement systems and digital voltmeters. Range of use includes accredited calibration laboratories, and monitoring of measurement devices in development and industry.

We listen, understand customer’s application requirements and provide suitable Test & Measurement system products and solutions with the support from our Manufacturer and Technology partners.

Our Turn-key solutions to help customers to make different Test & Measurement applications are as follows.


Test & Measurement Products