Vibration & Shock Data Logging

We provide a full range of dynamic vibration & shock measurement system from low cost shock detectors, shock & vibration loggers and 6DOF vibration & angular rate recorder to full-featured standalone shock & vibration waveform recorders with high speed/large memory units for demanding measurements.


  • Rail car Coupling/Humping Impact
  • Drop Testing
  • Helmet Impact Testing
  • Package Shipment Monitoring
  • Package Drop Height Measurement
  • Ride Quality Measurement
  • Transportation Monitoring
  • Crash & Impact Testing
  • Aircraft Turbulence
  • Elevator & Escalator Monitoring
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Brake Testing

Featured Products

Shock Detector / Shock & Vibration Data Logger

IST offers a wide range of Shock Detectors and Shock & Vibration Data Loggers which have built-in internal accelerometers, optional external input accelerometers and memory storage to record both shock & vibration events.

VibTimerTM Plus 3Dv2

Low cost 3-axis G-rms and Peak Shock Data Logger

  • Full Scale Measurement Range: 16g, tri-axial
  • Temperature Measurement Range: -40 to 160 °F
  • Humidity Measurement Range 0 to 100%
  • Maximum number of g-rms Vibration Readings: 10,000
  • Maximum number of Peak-G shock Readings: 10,000
  • Operational Battery Life: 3+ months


Helmet Impact Recording System (HIRTS-1)

  • 3-axis accelerometer & recorder
  • Records peak shocks, total energy, duration, date, time
  • Ranges from 100 g to 2,000 g.
  • Threshold triggered
  • 2,500 event memory


Shock Timer

Low Cost, Disposable Shock Detector for Shipment Monitoring

  • Live LCD Time Display, Once Activated
  • Bi-axial Sensor, Completely Self Contained
  • Rough Handling “Freezes” the Clock
  • 4-Month Battery Life Once Activated
  • 6-Month Shock Time-Stamp Retention
  • Available in 25g or 50g Trip Level


SnapShock Plus

Acceleration Recorders

Models SSP-2000-1D, SSP-4000-1D, SSP-4000-3D

  • Self Contained Acceleration Event, Date, Time Recorder
  • Single Axis and Tri-axial Accelerometer Models
  • Full Scale g-measurement ranges from +/- 2g to 2,000g +
  • Measures & Records Peak Shock Level, Duration, Velocity Change (energy), Date & Time
  • Programmable G-Trigger Levels
  • Stores up to 5900 Readings
  • Rugged, Water-Resistant Housing
  • 12 Bit A/D for Improved Accuracy
  • 1200 Hz Digitization Rate



Shock, Vibration & Environmental Recorders

  • Measures Shock, Vibration & Temperature
  • Up to 6 High-Speed Accelerometer channels
  • Built-in piezoresistive Tri-axial Accelerometer
  • External input channel options for PE voltage mode accelerometers
  • Full scale g ranges from 2g to 500g
  • Sampling Frequency to 3.2 kHz/channel
  • Continuous recording from minutes to hours depending on memory & sample rate
  • Triggered recording up to several months or monger
  • 5,291 “event” memory capacity
  • All events date/time stamped
  • Battery powered



Shock & Vibration Sensor / Recorder

  • 3 & 6 Channel Capabilities
  • Internal Tri-axial Accelerometer
  • Optional External Tri-axial Accelerometer
  • 12-bit A/D, 74dB Dynamic Range
  • Programmable Digitization to 15 KHz/CH
  • Programmable Time or Event-Based Triggering
  • 6 MB Onboard Memory, Expandable to 108 MB
  • Battery powered



Shock & Vibration Recorder

  • Up to six 50kHz Accel channels
  • Built-in Tri-axial accelerometer +/-10 to +/-200 g fs range
  • External Accelerometer Input Channels
  • 12-bit/16-bit digitization
  • Programmable Digitization to 50 sps/channel
  • Programmable Triggering Schemes
  • Nonvolatile memory to 64GB
  • Re-chargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Battery life to 90 days



Multi-Channel Shock & Vibration Data Logger / Recorder

  • Programmable Sample Rate To 3200 sps/ch
  • Up to 9 External Accelerometer Channels Recording Capability
  • 3MB To 12MB Onboard Storage
  • 54dB Dynamic Range (10-bit A/D)
  • 3-Channel Temperature/Humidity Option
  • Battery powered
  • Automatic Date & Time Tagging On Records


MotionMaster® (Model EDR-6DOF Series) Portable Recorder

  • Onboard 3-axis linear accelerometers – X,Y and Z axis
  • Onboard 3-axis angular rate sensors – Roll, Pitch, Yaw
  • 8MB onboard data storage
  • Simultaneous 6-ch digitization of 3200 sps/ch
  • Completely user programmable
  • Battery powered


Atmospheric Pressure Logger

Model SSP-4000-P1R1  (Same housing as SnapShock Plus)

  • Records High Speed Atmospheric Pressure, 0 to 1 atm.
  • Rate of Descent for parachute testing
  • Compact, self-contained, battery powered
  • Wireless data interface
  • 40 minute record time at 10 samples/sec
  • Multiple triggering schemes
  • Pre-trigger capability
  • Date & time stamped readings
  • Non-volatile memory
  • 1.6″ x 3.2″ x 1.5″, 7 oz.


DynaMax Suite

Control, Data Acquisition and Data Analysis Software

Support for all IST shock & vibration data loggers.

Configure Recorder setup.

Download data from data loggers.

Data Analysis functions:

  • Time domain
  • 1st and 2nd integral of acceleration waveform data
  • Calculate the 1st derivative of an acceleration waveform. Commonly known as “Jerk” in crash data analysis.
  • Probability Density Function
  • Transmissibility
  • Shock Response Spectrum
  • Drop Height Analysis
  • Package Profiler


Shock & Vibration Data Logging System (High Sampling, Large Memory)

PROSIG offers Standalone Shock & Vibration Data Logging System which can record shock and vibration waveforms at high accelerometer channels (up to 32 channels, high 24-bits resolution and high sampling frequency to solid state storage). The system can be remotely accessed to configure settings, view the real-time vibration waveforms and download data via WiFi, Ethernet or USB.


Some of the vibration accelerometers for measurement include:

  • BSWA Single Axis Accelerometers
  • BSWA Triaxial Accelerometers


3 may 2018


4-Channel, Pocket-Sized, USB-Powered, 24-bit Data Acquisition Hardware

  • No. of input channels: 4 analogue (IEPE or Voltage) inputs
  • Maximum sampling rate: 100k samples/sec per channel (24 bit)
  • PC communication interface: USB
  • Ultra Portable (Pocket Sized)
  • Low Power (USB Powered)

DATS-HITS (Hammer Impact Testing System) solution is straightforward to use, fast, reliable and accurate. The HITS system includes a 4-channel DATS-solo data capture system, the DATS Hammer Impact software and, optionally, an instrumented hammer and/or accelerometers.

Detail on DATS-SoloDetail on DATS-HITS


Multi-channel, standalone, 24-bit Data Acquisition System

  • No. of input channels: Up to 32 analogue inputs (plus tachos)
  • Maximum sampling rate: Up to 400k samples/sec/channel
  • Resolution: 24 bit
  • Communications: Ethernet (Gigabit), USB, Wifi
  • Multi Rate Sampling: Multiple sampling rates can run concurrently on separate cards
  • Can be powered from mains, vehicle or its internal battery power



Data Acquisition Hardware (Maximum 1024-Channels)

  • No. of input channels: 1024 analogue (AC, DC, IEPE, Bridge or Thermocouple) inputs, plus tacho inputs
  • Maximum sampling rate: Up to 400k samples/sec per channel
  • PC communication interface: USB 2.0



Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

The DATS Toolbox is a comprehensive package of data acquisition and signal processing tools. It is used mainly for sound and vibration measurement and analysis, but can be used with a wide range of engineering data.