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Signal Conditioners for Displacement Sensors

29 june 2018

DEMOD – Digital

  • No. of input sensor channels: 1
  • Sensor excitation: AC Sine Wave, 140 kHz typical
  • Analog output: 0 to 10 V dc (standard), 0 to 5 V dc (optional)
  • Power supply: 12Vdc nominal ±1 V dc (universal voltage wall AC/DC converter provided)
  • Power Consumption: 70 mA typical


Noise & Vibration Measurement System

3 may 2018


4-Channel, Pocket-Sized, USB-Powered, 24-bit Data Acquisition Hardware

  • No. of input channels: 4 analogue (IEPE or Voltage) inputs
  • Maximum sampling rate: 100k samples/sec per channel (24 bit)
  • PC communication interface: USB
  • Ultra Portable (Pocket Sized)
  • Low Power (USB Powered)

DATS-easy measurement (DATS-EM) is a cost-effective hardware and software solution for data capture and analysis. DATS-EM comprises a DATS-solo 4-channel, 24-bit data acquisition system and DATS-lite software.

Detail on DATS-SoloDetail on DATS-EM

Data Logger

KYOWA Data Loggers: UCAM-60C M14, UCAM-65C M14 

The data logger UCAM-60C M14 is an all-in-one measuring instrument developed in full pursuit of easier field measurement. Easy to operate keys, a bright readable display providing understandable presentation and a printer for immediate confirmation of measurement results. All these and more are incorporated in this compact unit to satisfy every need in field measurement.

The UCAM-65C M14 is an online data logger fully controlled from the PC.

  • Saving the long-term saving measured results to the built-in memory (Approx. 1.8 GB)
  • USB memory ensures easy data collection
  • Up to 1000 channels measurement with external scanners
  • Measurement up to 20 k ×10-6 strain with a resolution of 0.1 ×10-6 strain (With full bridge system)
  • Measurement Targets: Strain gages, strain-gage transducers, civil engineering transducers with a thermal sensor, DC voltage-output or DC current-output instruments, potentiometer sensors, thermal sensors (Thermocouples and platinum resistance thermometer bulbs)
  • The UCAM-60C M14 is an all-in-one measuring instrument
  • The UCAM-65C M14 is an online data logger fully controlled from the PC


Wireless Sensing Nodes

22 June 2018


The Torque-Link-200 allows users to remotely collect data from a range of sensor types, including strain gauges, pressure transducers, and accelerometers.

  • No. of channels: Differential analog, 1 channel (standard), 2 channels (optional), 1 RPM/pulse and 1 internal temperature channel
  • Max. sampling rate: 1,024 Hz
  • Resolution: 24-bits
  • Data storage: 16 MB


18 June 2018


Analog Input sensor node high Wireless 2-channel analog input node for OEM integration. Ideal for precise measurement of strain gages, load cells, and pressure transducers.

  • No. of channels: 4 (1 differential analog input, 1 single-ended analog input, 1 RPM/pulse input and 1 internal temperature channel)
  • Max. sampling rate: 1,024 Hz
  • Resolution: 24-bits
  • Data storage: 16 MB



Wireless 1-channel temperature node for OEM integration. On-board CJC and calibration for use with a thermocouple, RTD, or thermistor.

  • No. of channels: 1 channel (thermocouple, RTD or thermistor) input and 1 embedded cold junction compensation (CJC) temperature sensor
  • Max. sampling rate: 1 channel: up to 128 Hz
  • Resolution: 24 bits
  • Data storage: 16 MB