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LORD MicroStrain’s 3DM-DH3™ sensor is a cost-effective downhole orientation solution


Machine Monitoring Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry

Reducing unplanned downtime in the oil and gas industry: use of the SensorCloud™ platform allows operators to characterize machine fatigue, perform predictive analysis, improve system design, and setup monitoring of real-time operating conditions.>


Sensors for Displacement Measuring

Sensors for Displacement Measuring


A Balancing Act – Case Study

A vibration problem arose at an Open Cycle Gas Turbine. Following an outage on the four gas turbines and two SSS clutches, the machine returned to service with unacceptable vibration levels on some generation runs resulting in a significant loss of commercial operation.


Remote Monitoring – Case Study

Have you ever wondered if there is a vibration condition monitoring system that can be installed anywhere and then monitored from anywhere else? Even on your smartphone?



Guralp passive seismic solutions are used in the exploration of oil and gas reserves. Passive surveys are often used as a rapid, cost effective way of screening acreage through determining coarse tomography to assist building a business case for an active survey.


Guralp seismometers can also be used to complement dense arrays in active source surveys using broadband sources (e.g. vibroseis/marine airguns) for large depth penetration and full-waveform imaging.Their broadband technology is suitable for monitoring the widest range of sources from ambient noise and microseismic activity to distant or teleseismic events.


Storage and Transport

Guralp broadband instrumentation is well suited to reservoir monitoring for carbon capture and storage projects, both on and off shore.


Offshore, their autonomous nodes are ideal for short term monitoring and have been used for determine baselin seismicity prior to injection. For permanent monitoring, Guralp cabled ocean bottom networks and on-shore surface networks deliver real-time induced seismicity data for operational feedback.


Guralp instrumentation can deliver state of the art monitoring to protect vital infrastructure such as pipelines and plant. Their sophisticated data acquisition and communication modules can be incorporated into complex networks for remote operation and triggered automated shutdowns.


Permanent Reservoir Monitoring

In recent years there has been increased interest in obtaining 4D seismic data in order to understand how reservoirs change over time with the potential to enhance hydrocarbon recovery.


Guralp Broadband seismometers can be used for a range of solutions for life of field monitoring both onshore and offshore. We provide equipment, services and turn-key solutions for temporary and permanent reservoir monitoring. 


Suitable for both active or passive sources, our broadband instruments can deliver insight into overburden integrity and wellbore stability as part of a reservoir integrity management plan to maximise production from ageing fields.


Fracture Monitoring

Guralp has developed an integrated service solution for well locations where hydraulic fracturing compliance monitoring is a requirement.


Petroleum Complexes

Weight management of hoppers and tanks

Waveform Indicator Type Instrumentation Amplifiers WGA-900A enables to view load changes (in waveform and value) on the display.

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